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uplifting quotes and affirmations.

Stillness + Mindfulness + Meditation = Freedom

Words of inspiration

| I AM infinite |



I am on the ship of life and have no clue where I'm going, just floating, flowing....giving way to the wind and trust it will lead me to the places I used to dream of. Allowing my soul to rest easy and enjoy the beautiful stillness that nature teaches me daily. The stillness I travel by daily and overlook its teachings. The trees are merely screaming silently and I, sometimes, am still unaware of the lessons I am to learn. That is until now; now that I have given way to Gaia’s direction. I am now hers. I am no longer attached to the possible failures that could have possibly happened in the world. This journey feels better.


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We FEAR the unknown, so we decide not to take steps in its direction, without the awareness that the unknown is where the rest of you dwells, it's where the dreams and intentions and manifestations you have been writing, wait for you. The unknown is where your blessings are...DO NOT BE AFRAID! 



Beautiful energy has entered my spiritual space. I have become engulfed with seeking and finding beauty that I have stumbled upon a reflection of myself. I realize I have ignorantly entered previous relationships. I did not love myself therefore I did not know what type of love I deserved. They failed because they did not mirror the way I should FIRST love myself. Self love is the best love. I have now learned this, felt this and lived this. I am Love, I am Love, I am Love. <3

—Love always, Self


There is nothing to be afraid of. The unknown is where blessings reside, where abundance resides and where the rest of you is. You will only discover more of yourself and gain more blessings in the unknown. There is nothing to be afraid of. 

— Love always, Angels


You have a beautiful smile, you inspire so many people, your kind words impact people in the purest way, you are driven, your spirit is humbling, you are smart, you are a beautiful friend, you are strong, you are LOVE <3

— a simple reminder

Can you honestly say you love yourself? If you do...BEAUTIFUL, you're there; but if you don't that's OK, sometimes it's a process but if you need to see what the other side looks like well...These are some of the rewards that come along with truly loving YOU!: 

-A Genuine feeling of joy

-The freedom of saying "NO" for your sanity (without feeling guilty)

-More connections and networking

-Ideas, creative motivation & inspiration

-Raw beautiful Love from a significant other (mhmmm finally) 

-Raw love from others

-All of your manifestations coming making its presence in your reality (RAPIDLY & ALMOST INSTANTLY!)


-A 24/7, 365 day BEST FRIEND


-Deep healing (BYE BYE anxiety and depression!)

-(and not taking ANY bulls**t! and feeling good about it;) 




Everything you ever needed is already in you! Some of you have found your purpose and some of you may have not. BUT, whenever you do something and it feels good to you, it feels good to others and it makes you grin like a kid when it crosses your mind...that is your purpose. The only thing you need to figure out is how to fulfill it and once you have your thing(s)...DO IT...don't stop, don't give up, even if it's working on it for 10 minutes a day, DO IT. Your dream is your baby and it needs YOU in order to grow. Do not neglect it and abandon it when it gets tough....that's when it needs the most love from you! 



I have faith that all is well. I am at peace knowing that God and my angels are guiding me in a safe and secure manner. I am grounded and one with mama earth and I am willing to let go of all worries and fears and so it and so it shall be. 

— Love always, self


In another world, another dimension, words are similar to us, walking around, or floating around...and as you are here, on earth, writing your words on paper, in their world, you are giving birth to them. Creating them. Beginning their lives. In a sense you are their God. You form their reality as you write them. So write...and as you feel the burn of the sun on your skin just enough to feel good...you give thanks...give thanks for the very reality you have just created that will turn into the physical manifestation you have just written! 

— Love always, a master mind


I forgive myself for not pulling myself out of unhealthy situations, for blaming myself for issues I played no part in, for allowing people to hurt me more than once, for not loving myself sooner, for holding on and not letting go, for holding grudges....I forgive myself and I release all of these things. 

— Love always, self forgiveness